prachi and jigar

prachi and jigar – an unexpected encounter

wp living in akl - 028

haircut anyone?

10am on a sunny saturday morning, with a fresh haircut from milford barbershop, we thought we had a vision, like we had seen a ghost. none of us wanted to admit that, but a couple of meters down the road, we turn around, look back, have another look, like, you know, in the movies. a young indian looking couple did exactly the same, the same totally surprised, unbelieving look. we still don’t trust our eyes, walk back – and yes,  we look at each other in utter disbelief and all burst out into incredible laughter: it is prachi nayak, elias’ assistant teacher from year 4 at ibis (our primary school in bonn) with her husband jigar! they have moved shortly after us and are now living just around the corner from us in milford. we had no idea they were planning on that, they did not tell us anything about it when we said good bye to them at school and they knew where we were heading. they definitely are some of the funniest people we know, always happy to celebrate something and always good for deep conversation into the night after an extensive shared dinner. we had them over here a few times since that first encounter. and, every time the boys had a haircut, saturday 10am, we meet them again in the same place. and now we know why, because, saturday 10am, they use to go for a late breakfast to cafecino in milford, next to our barbershop.


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