saturday morning, within 2 hours after listing our circular table saw on trademe – the nz version of ebay – it sold for 150NZ$! i put the cash in my pocket – don’t usually do that, but we were running late for a speedy shopping at spotlight (huge local crafts and fabric store), find matching fabrics for patchwork cushion covers i planned to make for christmas for the boys and for nonna. big crowd in the shop, everybody in a rush, long queue at checkout, finally all done, and we’re off to elias’ drumming lesson with jason. on our way i want to pull the money out of my pocket to put it finally in my wallet, only the 50 dollar note is there! sh…, where is that gone? drop off elias at jason’s, rush back to spotlight, ask the lady who had cut my fabric, nothing, ask the cashier, nothing. do you honestly expect anyone to return a homeless hundred dollar note one week before christmas??? you must be kidding! i go up again to first floor, to have a closer look under the display tables with all the fabrics on, it might have flown underneath them, invain. i ask another lady behind the counter, if she has seen something or if somebody had returned a hundred dollar note to her! you can easily figure out that laughter! another customer obviously heard me asking and says: “just twenty minutes ago i heard somebody asking if anybody lost a hundred dollar note, since nobody raised a hand, he went down to the cashier”. i run down as fast as i can, the cashier looks at me and confirms that a gentleman had found the money and – believe it or not – he left his phone number with the cashier! i call him immediately, “of course” he says, if you can make it to pak ‘n save within the next 30 minutes, you can pick it up from here, otherwise from our home”!

isn’t that absolutely shockingly awesomely honest???

the boys asked me later that day: “mum, what would we have done ?”

merry christmas


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